Beit Midrash

Our energetic Beit Midrash is adorned with the finest Hebrew and English books and seforim available in the Jewish world. We are constantly adding more and more books that will speak to your mind and soul. Want to study Sephardic Halacha? You can! Looking for a great Chassidic book or for more insights into living in the Land of Israel? We have the sefer for you.

Our sefarim are yours to enjoy and may be read and studied in the Beit Midrash or borrowed from to use to prepare assignments. In addition to the Beit Midrash being used regularly as part of the daily schedule, students constantly use our Beit Midrash to study, bond, have chavrusa-style learning and learn one-on-one with our faculty any topic or book that they’d like to learn in a fresstyle Beit Midrash setting. All in all, the Beit Midrash at Bnot Torah is one of the sources of its energy—where you will constantly find people learning or even arranging their own chavruta with a fellow student!