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Over Thirty Years of History and Success

bnottorah-hist-im1Founded in 1977 by Rabbi Label Sharfman, Bnot Torah Institute—more popularly known as Sharfman’s—is celebrating its 37th year of successfully educating young, intelligent, Orthodox Jewish women. Recognized for offering the most dynamic seminary experience available anywhere in the Jewish world, Bnot Torah boasts over 1,800 alumni, including accomplished lawyers, authors, social workers, accountants, doctors, nurses, educators, kiruv workers, speech, occupational and physical therapists, wives and mothers. Ultimately, wherever a student winds up in life, our graduates do not find Judaism as one big blur. Rather, our alumni remain committed to making Judaism the center of their lives.

The Legacy Continues

bnottorah-hist-im2Renowned for its warm and accepting environment, our carefully tailored program includes: personal and expert instruction, thought-provoking and stimulating classes, eye-opening tours, action packed day trips, interactive group activities, seminars and of course Shabbotonim! In addition, Sharfman’s offers a strong and caring faculty who welcome personal relationships and are always available to provide real answers to your questions.

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