Rakezet Bayit Cham Night!

Bayit Cham at Sharfman’s is awesome!! Our Rakazot live local in Ramat Eshkol and we are footsteps from their houses. At Sharfman’s you truly feel the warmth and understand why Wednesday night in Sharfman’s is called: Bayit Cham!! You literally feel how warm the faculty and the Rakazot are IN and OUT of school and IN their homes!!

This past Bayit Cham, we had a baking competition and made delicious muffins, had a warm soup and of course a Shemitta-friendly and fresh salad!

We all enjoyed the smells wafting in the background. We all had such a fun time time chilling and spending time with each other and we can’t wait for our next Bayit Cham event!!