Special Yom Iyun & Breakfast

On Thursday, we were treated to a special breakfast and Yom Iyun. Thank you to Mrs. Becher, our Shana Bet Rakezet for organizing this event. The speakers and the panel truly brought us all much focus and will help us maximize our year in Shana Bet.

The Yom Iyun gave us a chance to realize how special this year is and how we need to take advantage of every second! We can truly achieve so much and take responsibility for becoming a great Jewish woman. Mrs. Yaffee highlighted how much we can accomplish and how we should take advantage of our staff, living within the Ramat Eshkol neighborhood and the unique opportunity that we have to get to know our teachers IN and OUT of the classroom…and she really helped us see how special a seminary Sharfman’s is…in particular she isn’t a staff member of our school…and that really was a strong message for us all to hear so that we can use each day to acquire tools for life and tools for living so that wherever we are — we will be Bnot Torah who truly and forever…move in a positive direction!