2 Day Tiyul: E. Galil & Tzfat

We started our morning enjoying the beautiful views of Israel and got to daven at the Keverim of Rabbi Meir Baal Nanes and Choni HaMagal. Next, we hiked the Mt. Arbel Cliffs, and descended by ropes frmo the cliffs!

We enjoyed a delicious dinner, and had the chance to spend the rest of the night hanging out on the Tsfat midrichov, enjoying the shops and restaurants. In the morning we headed on a walking tour of Tsfat, visiting the ancient shuls and alleyways, learning about the history of the kabballah and mysticism that began in those very places.

We visited the famous Candle factory, where many of us purchased souvenirs, and gifts. One of the highlights of our trip was when we went to go watch glassblowing and seeing how they create exquisite creations from glass!!

We then had free time to go shopping in the Artist Colony and tour the rest of Tsfat as we wished. After lunch we headed to an interactive experience to understand how sefarim, mezuzot, and Torah scrolls are written!

Our time in Tzfat can only be described as spiritual and inspirational and of course a lot of fun and of course…