The Year of Joy Has Begun!

Wow! What a whirlwind day it has been. We said goodbye to our friends and family back home and boarded the group flight heading towards Israel. On the plane we all got to bond and meet. It was great to see that soo many people were like me and were motivated to spend this year growing. As we came out we were greeted by Rabbi and Mrs. Green along with our Mechanechet, Mrs. Fuld!

We quickly felt at home—they even knew all of our names—behind our masks! Plus, after sitting on the plane and then feeling the warm Tel Aviv heat, the only thing I could want was a cold drink of water. The next thing I knew, there was Rabbi Green handing out cold water bottles with a cute Sharfman’s label on it that welcomed us to the school.

Once everyone had come out, we headed out to the bus that would bring us to our Ministry of Health approved quarantine location: our dorm-apartments!! The bus ride was nice!

Next, we met Mrs. Nissel, our Aim Bayit, who took us to our rooms, helped us settle in and arrange our phones, etc. We look forward to all of the classes and virtual programming that is in store for us over the next week!