Making Sushi Night at Our Rakezet’s

As we walked to our recent Bayit Cham event at our Rakezet’s house through the now familiar streets of our Ramat Eshkol neighborhood, we couldn’t help but wonder…what even IS a Bayit Cham? Our curiosity turned to amazement as we entered the home of our Rakezet…hey, is that Sesame noodles we see?? Oriental music we hear?? Nori?? Chopsticks?? No way! All out Sushi Night!!

The table was decorated with all the ingredients any professional Oriental Chef would need: sticky sushi rice, soy sauce, spicy mayo, bamboo mats, an assortment of vegetables and more!

Little Bamboo shoots stood proudly at the center of the table, welcoming us. We all laughingly styled our hair into Chinese hair buns while applying Chinese-themed eye makeup. And of course the feeling wouldn’t be complete without sushi on the menu. The filling options were endless mango, sweet potatoes, spicy mayo, you name it!

Our awesome Rakezet set about teaching us to make sushi, and to be honest, considering we were nearly all new at this, we were shocked to see how professional our sushi ended up looking! It’s time to open up a new Kosher Sushi restaraunt with a Sharfsushi Roll!

As the ultimate ending to an awesome night, we each got to make our very own fortune cookie! We each attempted to come up with a smart but humorous fortune, which we artfully inserted into our cookie. After baking and carefully forming them, we divided them up so that each girl received a cookie, each of us curious as to which fortune was contained within.

We than played a series of fun games and activities, and finished off the evening with an inspiring kumzitz! It felt so good being able to relax and bond in such a warm, cozy, and accepting environment! If it could be summed up in just one sentence I’d say that, “Sharfman’s really has the best sushi in Yerushalayim!”