UPDATE November 14, 2020:

Above, is a video that will show you a day in the life of: Sharfman’s in Quarantine

After arriving at Ben Gurion airport, we were off to our hotel. That’s right! Sharfman’s understands that quarantine (aka “bidud” in Hebrew) can be challenging and arranged for us all to do our two-week-mandatory-quarantine at one of Yerushalayim’s finest boutique hotels: The Litov Hotel. We were greeted and welcomed by Rabbi and Mrs. Sharfman, our Aim Bayit, Mrs. Debbi Nissel, Madrichot and more members of the Sharfman’s staff!

It is clear that Sharfman’s has expended much time, planning, every effort and spared no expense to make this quarantine period comfortable, enjoyable, and meaningful. The classes and programming during bidud has been super meaningful (see below) and each suite is brought three-meals a day that are delicious and stocked with food, drinks and whatever the girls need.

The LiTov Hotel has truly become our “Home Away From Home” while we are in Bidud! Below, is just a taste of some of the schedule and programming that we have been able to learn from and enjoy during the past couple of days. Shabbat Shalom from the holy city of Yerushalayim!