Chanukah Chagigah & Carnival

On the heels of having amazing Chanukah classes and festivities at the homes of our Rakezet, our Chanukah Chagigah and Carnival was a place that everyone really bonded and felt comfortable displaying their talents.

From start to finish it left everyone in the audience, from students, to faculty wanting more 馃檪 But let’s start from the beginning…The event kicked off with a beautifully decorated and festive feel.

Indeed, when you walked into the Bnot Torah/Sharfman’s Chanukah Chagigah and Carnival, you were greeted with the walls and windows adorned with Chanukah decorations and it really helped enhance the overall energy!

Once we were all seated, we enjoyed an amazing time of Tefillah, special breakfast, our famous musical Hallel and then additional games and activities with our Madrichot and Shana Bet including a session where we got to make and decorate our own sufganiyot and partake in Sufganiyot Wars. Plus, who can forget the seeminly endless games of driedel that we got to play along with a slew of great Chanukah-themed carnival games!!

All in all, the Annual Bnot Torah/Sharfman’s Chanukah Chagigah was an event that truly fostered our love for Chanukah as well as exhibited the unique warmth and genuine family atmosphere inherent in each and every Sharfman’s student and faculty member.

Happy Chanukah!!!