STAHR Sushi Night

Earlier this week, after Sunday night classes, we enjoyed our STHAR Sushi Extravaganza Night. As soon as all of us S.T.A.H.R. (Sharfman’s Torah Academic Honor Roll) award winners walked in to the downstairs Beis Midrash, we felt that we were in a decked out restaurant. It was beautifully decorated and the sushi sign really made the room feel authentic and added such a nice touch!

This Sushi Extravaganza event was going to be a real nice treat and was held in recognition of our scholastic and social accomplishments that all of us in the STAHR Club had achieved.

Thank you to Rabbi and Rebbetzin Green for hosting the event. It was really great being able to shmooze with them over a special treat of endless sushi from Viva LaSushi. There was tons, and I mean tons of fresh rolls of sushi, additional rice, great sauces from spicy mayo on down and even a stuffed sushi boat…I’m sure you can imagine how much we enjoyed 🙂

All in all, the outing was a great way to cap off our winning academic accomplishments and we look forward to continuing to excel, move in a positive direction!