Our Beis Midrash Experience

I thought I’d share with you a little bit of the Bnot Torah/Sharfman’s Beis Midrash. Our Beis Midrash is full of vibrant life and really one of a kind!

Of course, one of the highlights of our Beit Midrash experience is that we have access to seemingly hundreds of Jewish books and Sefarim. In addition to teaching us in a classroom setting, a Rakezet or Beis Midrash Tutor is present to answer our textual to Hashkafic and Halachic questions that we pose to them.

There are so many voices in unity speaking the beautiful words of Torah. It’s the most amazing feeling, whether it’s preparing for a Chumash Prep and delving into the Meforshim or simply learning one of the many Seforim from the library, or having a Chavrusa, there is always something to do to further our growth and academic knowledge of Torah.

The many knowledgeable Rakezet’s at your finger tips ready to assist you and guide you in the right direction is really amazing and helps us further form everlasting bonds with our Rakezet’s who live minutes away from school.

The Sharfman’s Beis is a place of growth through Torah!!

It is a place where everyone in our school has one common denominator: learning and loving the Torah you learn 🙂