Chessed is in the Air!

Hi everyone it’s Mrs. Nissel! By now all the girls have surely returned rejuvenated from our Sukkos break. In the weeks of school that we have had, the girls really possess an overall appreciation for all of the faculty and classes at Sharfman’s. Personally, I love being able to watch girls take the new knowledge that they acquire with each class and put it to use in daily activities.

As I’m sure you know our goal in Sharfman’s is to allow you to acquire tools for life and forever move in a positive direction. As such, we want you to enhance your year in Israel not only through incredible classes but also by performing acts of Chessed! And so, as Chessed Coordinator, I personally meet with each and every student to build a unique Chessed opportunity that will allow you to maximize your Chessed experience.

After customizing a Chessed experience that will suit you, we hold our Annual Chessed Workshop in which we dispense great advice and insights into performing Chessed with a smile and also serve some tasty cookies!

What’s more, to really start the Chessed program off in a positive direction we will be traveling to Yad Eliezer to package boxes of food that will be distributed to soldiers of the Israel Defense Forces as well as needy people who live in the Land of Israel.