@PeasLovenCarrots Kumzitz

After Simchat Torah, a number of us where zocheh to continue the feelings of growth and spirituality that we attained during Sukkot and that culminated with our celebration of Simchat Torah, by joining Mrs. Danielle Renov of @PeasLovenCarrots for a special Kumzitz!!

Danielle had arranged for Mrs. Sorah Shaffren, the noted Program Director of Camp Dinah, to lead the Kumzitz and it very much helped bring focus to the special evening.

We were all so glad to join seemingly hundreds of other women who were from so many different places and communities. It was so nice to join together with young and old alike in Yerushalayim and to continue to feeling of Yom Tov alive for just a couple of more hours!!

It was clear that we were there to not just to sing “Acheinu” — but to show Hashem our continued achdut and to do our best to bring Moshiach into our world.

Thank you Danielle for organizing this inspiring musical event!!