2 Day Golan & Galil Tiyul

Recently, we went on the most amazing Tiyul!! It took place in the Golan and the Galil. Our Sharfman’s Tour Guide, Rabbi Jacobs guided us on an amazing hike of the Judean Desert Overlook. There we got to truly connect with the Land of Israel and daven such unbelievable Tefillot. On this two-day Tiyul we also went on the Nachal Yehudia Hike and enjoyed the Banias Waterfall and Nature Preserve and the Tel Chatzor Archeological Site.

For many of us, the highlight of this trip was being able to bond with all of our friends outside of the classroom or Beit Midrash and go swimming in the Kinneret, Mitzpeh Gadot. Just when we thought that this was the best part of the trip, we were told that we were going to be going kayaking on the Jordan River!! Amazing!!

On our way back to Ramat Eshkol, we visited the Kever of Rabbi Akiva and his wife Rachel and also enjoyed time on the Teveria Boardwalk. Being able to daven at all of this places was amazing and the fact that we were joined by our Mechanechet and Tefillah teacher, Mrs. Fuld — made it a meaningful moment that we can’t forget.

We had an amazing time enjoying the Kinneret, and learned about Truma and Maaser during our own private fruit picking session in Kessem HaPri. Next, we were off to go on a authentic donkey ride for a Kfar Kedem Bedouin Experience. All of this was topped off by the most amazing stay at the Kinar Hotel where we also got to have our own private pool!!

We’ve always heard that Sharfman’s has the best tiyulim and now we know why!!

We can’t wait for our next trip and very much look forward to getting back to classes, recharging and connecting once again on another unforgettable two-day trip.