1st Visit to The Kotel!

The first night of Orientation Week was filled with warmth and uplifting spirituality and ruchnius!

From the second we arrived we were greeting with warmth from people such as Rabbi Sharfman to our Aim Bayit’s. After settling into our rooms, we were off to visit The Kotel!

For some of us, it was the very first time being at the site of The Western Wall, while for many of us, even though we’ve been there before, it remains a special place to Daven and just put everything in our life into a perspective.

It was at The Kotel that it really hit me: I am in Eretz Yisrael for the year!

Plus, it gave us all a chance to have fun and meet all the Shana Aleph girls and speak to the Shana Beit girls who were really there to answer all of our questions about Sharfman’s, and share with us their knowledge they gained from their Shana Aleph. Best of all we were accompanied by our Madricha’s.