Challah Baking at our Rakezet’s House

The theme of tonight was challah baking but this was no ordinary challah baking activity. The dough was already prepared for us when we came in and we started out the night with our Rakezet telling us a little bit about Hafrashas Challah.

We learned that it is one of the special mitzvos for women and we all took a moment to say a short personal tefillah after we said the bracha. Then, we each got a piece of dough and our Rakezet taught us how to make a six-braided challah. Although it was a bit confusing we all got the hang of it and made beautifully shaped challahs.

Then, we each topped our challahs with the toppings of our choice be with chocolate chips, cinnamon and sugar, onions, zatar, or sesame seeds. The challahs looked so good we almost wanted to eat them raw! While we were waiting for the challahs to bake we prepared home made dips to be eaten with the hot fresh yummy challah when it was ready.

With the heavenly smell of challah baking in the background, we took turns at the food processor and blender and made home made chummus, babaganoush, tomato dip, and olive dip. Within minutes the bowls of dips were licked clean. Who knew how easy it was to make homemade dips and how awesome they would taste?!?

We all had such a fun time time tonight chilling and spending time with each other and we can’t wait to eat our fresh challah on Shabbos!