Tu B’Shevat: A Time of Learning & Celebration!

Mention the name “Tu B’Shevat” to anyone and the first thing that comes to their head may be playful and joyous tunes from ones childhood. Likewise, many of us have memories of tree planting ceremonies and the consumption of delicious dried fruit!

However, in Israel, this day isn’t just simply glossed over. The streets of Yerushalayim and all over the country for that matter, are filled with people wishing one another a “Happy Tu B’Shevat!”

To that end, we all got to enjoy from Rabbi Green’s enlightening class on Tu B’Shevat called, “Shevat Secrets: You are Like a Tree,” which allowed us to discover the inner meaning of the day, as well as the entire month of Shevat.

In the spirit of Tu B’Shevat, Mrs. Fuld presented us with delicious fruit platters.

Not only did this experience add meaning to the Chag, but it gave us another opportunity to see how much Sharfman’s cares about allowing us to taste every aspect of our Year in Israel!

Happy Tu B’Shevat 🙂