Bnot Torah Blog Highlights of 2018!!

As 2018 has come to a close, we figured  now is the time to look back and enjoy some of the highlights from Bnot Torah Blog posts since the start of our 2018-2019 Academic Calendar.

From an exciting Orientation Week to many exciting Tiyulim, inspiring Beit Midrash sessions, Rosh Chodesh Tefillah Events and Rakezet Events, it has been a rewarding experience to share with students, parents and alumnae just a small slice of both the academic and warm social activities that make our seminary legendary!

In the meantime, we present our own retrospective, to allow you to look back, catch up, or simply review the “Bnot Torah Blog Highlights of 2018!!”


Getting Ready!! 

The Year of Joy Has Begun

Kever Rachel Tefillah Tiyul

Sushi Supper at our Rakezet’s House

Exclusive Aish Discovery Program

Rakezet Bake-0ff Night

The Sharfman’s Art Club

2 Day Golan & Galil Tiyul