Special Classes: Torah, Tech & You

On the second day of Chanukah, we came to school and had an amazing day of learning and inspiration at a special Yom Iyun. The “Torah, Tech and You” theme was one that truly spoke to every one of us and is still impacting us! Our morning started with a healthy breakfast and Tefillah Club.

We begin our morning hearing from our Overseas Director and teacher, Rabbi Michoel Green. His lecture was titled, OMG: How to Find Hashem in All of our Texts!

Using powerpoint slides, Rabbi Green showed us that we must act in moderation with our technology and can’t let it consume us 25/7! In so doing, we will be able to remember that we need to always but the “T” of Torah ahead of the “T” of Technology. There was not a more fitting time to have this Yom Iyun and to hear these messages. We also heard from Mrs. Aviva Hayman who discussed all things media related and then we ended off our morning hearing from our very own Mechanechet, Mrs. Gibraltar who gave us a really relevant first talk called: Smart Phones and Smart People.

Her words of Torah and wisdom ring true and showed how firm we must be with our Judaism.

Thank you Bnot Torah/Sharfman’s and thank you Rabbi Sharfman for an amazing day of relevant learning that really spoke to us!!