Special “Goals” Yom Iyun

Recently, we had an amazing Yom Iyun where the school had guest speakers that came from as far as Ramat Beit Shemesh to New York. Our morning began where we got to hear from the noted author, singer, composer and lecturer, Rabbi Nachman Seltzer. He spoke on “How to Be Focused” and really helped put the year in Israel into a special perspective. Next up, we got to hear from Rabbi Aaron Neckameyer of Aish HaTorah who spoke on the topic of, “Effecting Your Future!” It was an interactive session where he played guitar and had us write meaningful statements on the board. Finally, we got to hear from Rabbi Shafier of the literally world famous site that is Rabbi Shafier ended off the morning talking about how important it for each and every Jew to be “You” and that we have to put the You into our Judaism.

It was truly a meaningful morning that helped us further connect with the deep and inner teachings of the Torah!