Rakezet Bake-Off Night

This past Wednesday evening combined creativity and competition, food and fun, tasting and talent! We had an absolute blast at the Official Bayit Cham Bake-Off as we were all given the opportunity to tap into Chef within us! The evening began with shmoozing and bonding while eating a delicious salad and brownies graciously prepared for us by our Rakezet.

We then donned our Chef hats, divided into teams, and were given the utensils and ingredients needed to create the recipe of our choice. After explaining the rules of the competition and revealing the secret ingredient that needed to be incorporated into our recipes…our Rakezet set the timer and..3, 2, 1, GO!

We furiously began brainstorming and creating our edible masterpieces. After a half hour of hilarious fun (yes, one group used salt instead of sugar and had five minutes to completely redo their recipe) we needed to present and name our team and food item. We even had an esteemed panel of judges join us, and we had the time of our lives as all of our cakes and cookies were judged for taste, creativity, and presentation.

After a few minutes of nail-biting suspense, the winners were announced! Congrats to team Triple S for their incredible Chocolate Cake! All in all, we had an incredible and delicious evening at yet another sensational Bayit Cham at our Rakezet’s house! Cant wait until next time!