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Unique Approach

Innovation and Renewal

Unique ApproachFrom the inception of the school over 35 years ago, Bnot Torah/Sharfman’s has been an innovator in Jewish Education for women. One of the first seminaries in Yerushalayim to open its doors specifically for the American high school graduate, many of our innovations have become the benchmarks used by other seminaries following in our footsteps. Bnot Torah was at the forefront of offering a Beit Midrash setting to its students. Serving not only as a place to work on assignments in preparation for class and as an instrument for improving textual skills, the Beit Midrash additionally functions as a laboratory in which young women can delve into texts dealing with additional subjects of personal interest either independently, or with help from their Rakezet or Beit Midrash Tutor.

Sharfman’s stress on individual attention along with personal growth and development together with academic achievement is recognized as the standard by which many seminaries measure themselves today. To maintain our successful track record, Bnot Torah constantly continues to innovate and revise its program, always updating and fine tuning, so that the education it offers is always exciting and relevant to each new student.

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