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Tiyulim and Overnights

Your Bnot Torah/Sharfman’s experience is not confined to inspiring classes, lectures and seminars. Indeed, Sharfman’s is legendary for providing you with a much broader exposure to our heritage and the Land of Israel, including close to twenty action packed tiyulim (trips) and or overnights that will simply take your breath away! Below, you will find a sample of some of the sights and scenes typical of our overnight tiyulim.

Massada, Ein Gedi and Dead Sea

This trip will allow you to treasure the majestic view from the Midbar Yehuda Observation Point, as well as experience the rush of Mountain Rappelling from the Cliffs of the Kumran. What’s more, you are able to partake in the once-in-a-lifetime special experience of venturing on a pre-dawn hike up the historic Massada. On top of the mountain you will be inspired by a fascinating tour of the ruins the fortress, palaces and other sites of Massada. Afterwards, you will relax lying on the shores and swimming in the waters of the one and only Dead Sea. Finally, enjoy a behind the scenes tour of the Dead Sea Cosmetics Factory and find out what’s so special about the minerals of the Dead Sea. (back to top)

Tzfat, Meron, and Amuka

Your perspective of Jewish history will blossom as you explore ancient Maccabean and Roman sites as well as visit the Kevarim of the renowned Rambam and Rabbi Yochanan Ben-Zakai. Experience the bonfires, as well as the singing and dancing of Lag B’Omer at Meron. After a brief stop to daven at Amuka—a renowned location for one to daven for success in finding one’s soul mate—you will be entranced by walking through the streets of the mystical city of Tzfat. Visit the Shuls and alleyways where the Ari Z”l spread his teachings. Tour the welcoming alleyways, shops, and of course the Artist Colony, and world-famous Tzfat Candle Factory. (back to top)

The Golan

The legendary Golan Heights area is rich in history and entertainment. Join us for an authentic Bedouin experience—including a memorable donkey ride—and savor Bedouin style hospitality. Next, cool off with a swim in the Kinneret. Learn about the ancient and recent history and importance of the Golan Heights as we visit ruins from the time of the Talmud. Enjoy a beautiful stroll through Tel Dan and get wet in the Banias Waterfall. Visit and Daven by the grave of the famous Rabbi Akiva and make a special stop by the nearby grave of the one who sacrificed so much to make him who he became—his beloved wife, Rachel. Have an unforgettable time Kayaking on the Jordan River. Finally, bond with your classmates and friends as you challenge yourself and each other ATV’s, Rope Climbing, Mazes and more! (back to top)

The Northern Negev

Hop aboard your very own camel as we safari into the Mamsheet Desert. Partake in the Great Crater Hike, and cool off in the Ein Yerakam Oasis Pools. Relish the colored sand dunes and create your own sand souvenir. Enjoy the “fruits of your labor” while orange picking in Tifrach. Bring your knowledge of Jewish history to life by visiting Biblical Beer Sheva, and cap off a wonderful trip with a stopover at the Buki Sheep Ranch where you will be treated to a chance to milk sheep, make your very own cheese, and an authentic hay ride! (back to top)


Enjoy the peaceful ocean breeze as you see truly marvelous vistas. Experience the Timna Valley Sand Slide, a breathtaking hike through Solomon’s Pillars, and then take a break for lunch while overlooking the glorious Timna Lake. Students forever recall the Red Sea Cruise on the private yacht chartered just for Sharfman’s students. Treat yourself to a choice of water sports, including Parasailing and Banana Boating. Relax swimming and sunbathing at the separate beach. (back to top)

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