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Students Speak

Welcome! This page allows you to watch unrehearsed and candid video diary entries that several of our students offered to share about the overall academic program and warm and inspiring atmosphere that is Bnot Torah/Sharfman’s. Click on one of the links below to view that student’s video.

  1. Kelly Bernstein
  2. Alex Gould
  3. Chana Joffre
  4. Daniella Yasinev
  5. Minna Solomon
  6. Nicole Ebrahimpour
  7. Shani Klein
  8. Sophia Miller
  9. Sora Ruchel Jaffe
  10. Chana Koltun
  1. Shira Bloom
  2. Sharon Franko
  3. Renee Dayan
  4. Adina Leibowitz & Tehilla Marks
  5. Adina Stern and Deena Edelstein
  6. Rachelli Kaplan
  7. Bruchie Werzberger
  8. Aurora Bernstein
  9. Hindy Aaronson
  10. Yonit Green
  11. Vivi Szerer
  • Leah Kopcel
  • Danna Gal-Ed
  • Adina Stern and Deena Edelstein
  • Lauren Hakimian
  • Racheli Kaplan
  • Bruchie Werzberger
  • Aurora Bernstein
  • Nechama Wortzman
  • Becky Glowgower

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