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Recreation & Activities

Weekly Workout Class

Every Sunday night, Sharfman’s brings the gym to you! Join us as we enjoy various aerobics classes exclusively attended by only our students. This night activity is beloved by the students in that they get to foster their school spirit as a unit by working out together. Plus, after your workout you get to cool off and hang out and continue schmoozing with girls who are just like you.

Bayit Cham

Every other week students are welcomed to gather together for a delightful evening of relaxation and fun at the local homes of their Rakezet. The Rakazot are young and eclectic married women, who in addition to serving as tutors in the Beit Midrash, also function as personal advisors and role models to the students. These informal get togethers provide a built-in opportunity for our students to spend some causal time with our faculty outside of school. Featuring singing, schmoozing, delicious food, games, discussions, inspiration, and much more, the Bayit Cham is a great place to unwind!

Rakezet Night

At Bnot Torah we recognize that no two students are the same. Abilities, backgrounds and personalities differ from person to person. Therefore, we offer a first year program with three distinct academic levels. From Intermediate to Advanced, you will find an academic level suitable to your skills and learn together with other girls like you. That said, we believe that it’s important to offer events that will bring together all three levels, and by extension, allow everyone within Sharfman’s to truly bond as a family. To that end, in addition to coming together to prepare for weeks of training and participate in the annual Kedma Inter-Seminary Choir Competition, we also meet in school, typically twice a month, where our Rakezet hosts a special themed night activity. A Rakezet Night can range from “Beauty Night” to “Sharfman’s Swimming Night” and are memorable events enjoyed by all!

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