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Charming and Convenient Location

Bnot Torah enjoys the unique benefits of being nestled in the midst of the plush and trendy neighborhoods of Ramat Eshkol and Sanhedria Murchevet! Our community is one of the most popular areas for the religious English speaking public. In addition, we’re conveniently located near the Ramat Eshkol Promenade that features a slew of shops, boutiques, American style supermarkets, ATM machines and banks, a post-office, hair salons, parks, dry cleaners, pharmacies and charming sidewalk cafes! Plus, we are within walking distance to the Kotel.

Sharfman’s Warm Community

At Bnot Torah we make sure that your year in Israel is more than an academic classroom experience. To that extent, our exclusive location allows our students to have the inspiration of living in the heart of Yerushalayim—but within the confines of a safe and friendly largely English speaking community. Indeed, when you attend Sharfman’s, you become part of our community along with many of Bnot Torah’s faculty members who live within easy walking distance of our school. As a result, the school doors never close.

At Sharfman’s you are encouraged to continue a meaningful conversation from earlier in the day or to discuss ideas and concepts outside the limits of the classroom. In short, Bnot Torah is more than just a seminary—we are a family! Accordingly, because of our special location and proximity to American style synagogues, you will not need to frantically run around looking for a place to stay for Shabbat, Yom Tov, or even Purim and Chanukah. Rather, you are welcome to stay at our facilities, and celebrate with your friends and local faculty members.

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