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Dorm Life

Your Home Away from Home

Sharfman's Apartment Living RoomAt Bnot Torah we view every student as more than a person—we are family! We want to create a warm atmosphere for you to enjoy your year in Israel both in the classroom and in your living environment. To that end, we allow you to cultivate and develop friendships as well as a greater sense of independence as an individual, by living either in our dorm or in one of our charming apartments. Our living facilities allows for warmth and bonding, shared experiences, and the building of friendships to cherish forever. Located within minutes of your classrooms and Beit Midrash, your dorm or apartment offers you a personal place that you can truly call “home.”

Your Place to Relax and Enjoy

Sharfman's BalconyIt is a place where you can relax and enjoy the magnificent and panoramic view of Yerushalayim from your window and/or balcony. A comfortable bed and mattress awaits your return from an inspirational day of academic learning—and ensures you a quality night’s sleep. Our cozy living room areas are designed in a chic and attractive manner complete with a generous array of  couches, throw pillows and armchairs that encourage you to hang out with your classmates and friends. In addition, colorful floor mats adorn your room to add a sense of character and flavor to your room. What’s more, each kitchen features two refrigerators, a stove, and all the utensils necessary for maintaining a working kitchen.

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