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Course Offerings

At Bnot Torah/Sharfman’s our courses are an interactive learning experience that show you how Torah wisdom connects the disjointed elements of a complex world. You will not learn how to become a perfect person in several easy lessons but you will gain access to an ancient tradition of Torah wisdom and tools that help you better navigate the issues that are encountered in modern life. All of our classes allow you to academically explore your roots and your heritage. From our legendary course, Tefillah: Tips for Life, to our ever popular Art and Judaism class, you will enrich the seeds of Jewish life, education, and community to take root, and actualize your potential as a Jewish woman. Please note: Not all courses listed below are given every year. The Curriculum is subject to change. The following is merely a partial list of our curriculum and is meant to provide you with an idea of the wide range of topics which our students enjoy.


Elective Courses

Tanach & Megillah



Halacha Yomit

To the layperson, the rigors of Jewish law may seem confusing—or even worse—not relevant. This course is designed to give you an organized, clear picture of those laws that are significant to daily observance such as Kashrut, Brachot, and much more. The student will tour the various sources ranging from verses in the Torah to the opinion of the Shulchan Aruch, learning basic principles and an orderly system of facts, ultimately attaining a real appreciation for the laws of our heritage. In short, we will not only show you the “how” of the various Jewish laws, but also the “why.” (back to top)

Hilchot Bein Adam L’Chaveiro

This course speaks to you at both an academic and inspirational level as you learn about the Torah’s wisdom regarding interpersonal relationships. These laws are relevant to nearly every facet of daily life and comprise more than half of the commandments that apply today including: business ethics, relationships, and family life, and range from honesty to Tzedaka, from Lashon Harah to copyright laws. Although many of the concepts are familiar, the practical applications of these laws are rarely studied and remain unclear. This course has been warmly received for years by our Shana Bet students and is now also being offered to our Shana Aleph students. (back to top)

Hilchot Shabbat and Yom Tov

This course presents a concise guide to help understand, remember, and apply the detailed laws of Shabbat. While practical applications are discussed and stressed, an additional emphasis is placed on the study of contemporary issues and the development of modern responsa from classical sources. What’s more, you will learn about the intricate differences between Shabbat and Festival observance. (back to top)

Elective Courses


Mussar is a treasury of techniques and understandings that offers immensely valuable guidance for the journey of our lives. Join the Dean of Bnot Torah Institute, Rabbi Label Sharfman, as he unlocks the true meanings and insights from the timeless Mussar work—Mesillat Yesharim, authored by Rabbi Moshe Chaim Luzzatto. Special emphasis is placed on the special relationship that we share with the Almighty and the expectations he has of us. Attend the course about which our alumni emphatically remark, “The tools I learnt from this course still impact my daily life!” (back to top)

Sephardic Heritage Class

There exists a myth that after the expulsion of Spanish Jewry in 1492 the Sephardic world went to sleep for the next 500 or so years. The Sepharadim made very little contribution in the form of Torah scholars and Torah scholarship. It appears from the outside that except for the Chida, Ben Ish Chai and the Baba Sali the Sepharadim were an orphaned kehilla as a whole. This could not be further from the truth. In the Sephardic Heritage class, we dispel this myth through the exploration of great Sephardic personalities and community’s pre and post the expulsion of 1492. We also study major events that affected the Sephardic world. Through this course, we try to bridge this 500-year missing link. For the Sephardic student especially this course helps to solidify their Sephardic identity with the knowledge of their glorious past. (back to top)

Demystifying the Mystical

Join Rabbi Green as he provides answers to the questions you have always had but were afraid to ask! Find out what the Torah says about aliens, explore the power of music in Jewish thought, reveal the truth about melachim, dreams and ghosts, finally understand the concept of gilgulim, investigate the validity of the trendy red string, and discover the real meaning behind finding your bashert! (back to top)

Art and Judaism

The Art and Judaism class is taught by Jacqueline Feldman. Mrs. Feldman originally hails from England, but now resides minutes away from school where she lives in the Ramat Eshkol area of Jerusalem. The aim of this class is to use artistic methods to put into concrete form the feelings and inspirations which you will pick up while in Israel. Typically, there is a short introductory dialogue about the project and it’s relevance to your year. Following this there we will be crafting of individualized memorabilia ranging from personal mosaics of Yerushalayim, to decorative Havdalah sets. You do not have to be artistic or creative—and you will still love this class. The class is geared to give your personal touch in turning your feelings into tangibility. (back to top)

Tanach & Megillah

Parshat HaShavua

This course will forever change your view of the weekly Torah portion. Parshiot come to life as you travel thorough an exciting interactive overview of the Torah reading for the week. In addition to analyzing the approaches of traditional commentaries such as Rashi, Ramban, and Malbim, the Parshiot come alive as both teacher and student explore a dazzling array of sources ranging from the courseic yet relevant thoughts of the Chassidic Masters through the insights of the more contemporary commentators. (back to top)


The hours spent delving into Chumash are the central focus as you develop your textual skills. At Bnot Torah, you will not only be learning Chumash, but you will be learning how to learn Chumash. For your morning Beit Midrash session, your Chumash teacher will provide you with sources chosen from the various commentaries for you to prepare. In course, you will use the knowledge you will have gained during your preparation as your teacher guides you to a clearer and deeper appreciation as to the Torah’s message. Have a question? Need help? Tutors and your Chonechet are available throughout your Beit Midrash session. (back to top)

Megillat Esther

This course allows you the opportunity to finally learn everything you’ve wanted to know and more about one of the most famous female heroines in Jewish history—a historical overview of the time period that will leave you with a new appreciation for the actions of Esther thousands of years ago. Even if you think that you already know the Purim story, this course will leave you at the end of each week excitingly anticipating the development of the Yad HaShem. If there is one Judaic text most people are familiar with, many people seem to resonate with Megillat Esther. It is also the most misunderstood. What seems to be a simple story line is exposed as a multi tiered narrative of Hashgacha and Emunah. Each course will leave you excitingly anticipating the next revelation of the Yad HaShem. (back to top)


“Only prophecies needed throughout the generations were recorded.” (Megillah 14A) This exciting course will take you on a journey through the Neviim Rishonim as it explores how these prophecies relate to us today. Using the classical commentaries together with Talmudic sources and contemporary writings, you will learn what the Prophets have to teach us about Love, Conceit, Magic, Speech, Student-Teacher Relationships and Giving and Receiving Rebuke. (back to top)


Whether in times of trouble or times of joy, Tehillim—the timeless utterances of King David—is the first book that Jews have turned to in every generation. It serves as a vehicle for salvation, for solace, for expressing thanksgiving. This course will teach you how to understand and use Tehillim to develop your personal relationship with our Creator. In short, this course goes beneath the surface, and shows you how Tehillim can improve—even drastically change—your life!


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Tefilla: Tips for Life

The Jewish people have been synonymous with Tefilla for thousands of years. And yet, while prayer is one of the most intimate and private ways of connecting with our Creator, many people do not connect to the words of the Siddur. Enter our Tefilla course. This course allows you to systematically actualize and tap into the rich treasury of prayers that our Sages have composed so they resonate with your mind, body and soul. After completing this course you will realize that the words of Tefilla are more than words but an expression of one’s truest desires. In fact, you’ll never want to put down your Siddur! (back to top)

Ma’agal HaShanah: Explore The Jewish Calendar

A Jew lives by the calendar. This inspiring course takes you on a mystical and an in-depth look at the various holidays and events that mark the Jewish calendar. Throughout this course you are introduced to Jewish thinkers and spiritual leaders such as The Maharal of Prague and Rabbi Tzvi Elimelech of Dinov, author of Bnei Yissachar who allow you to gain an understanding of not only the history and purpose of each holiday, but of how Chazal teach us to use them for our own personal growth. (back to top)

The Jewish Woman in the Modern World

This course contains a wealth of information and understanding for today’s Religious Woman. Anyone searching for the greater appreciation of the role of the Jewish woman will find that this course will present and discuss almost all of the questions that you may have, as well as many others that you have never even thought of before. (back to top)

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