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Sharfman’s Performs Chessed for Project L.I.V.E. at Yad Eliezer

December 5, 2016 

yad-eliezerIn addition to our own unique Chessed opportunities that we have  every Thursday afternoon, we also run an exclusive Chessed program called: Project L.I.V.E. (Learning in Israel and Volunteering with Excellence).

This program, allows us to perform special Chessed activities and appear at great Chessed-oriented events. We recently had the privilege of visiting Yad Eliezer, an organization that is legendary for providing food and more to the IDF as well as the needy people of Israel!

After hearing the stories of the families and soldiers that we’d be helping, we were eager to start and give of our time and energy to this worthy cause. It took planning and team work but at the end of the long night, We all stayed and successfully packaged over 50 boxes with items such as: oil, ketchup, noodles, rice, shampoo and body wash!!

It may have a been a night “away” from friends or just simply hanging out in the dorm, but it was definitely a night well spent!

Below are some pics from this great evening of bonding and Chessed!!

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