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Welcome to Happyville: Adar in Sharfman’s!

March 16, 2017 

Rosh Chodesh AdarAdar is a happy month anywhere, but at Sharfman’s it’s really HAPPY! We kicked off Adar with a real surprise! We kicked off Adar with one surprise after another.

We had one morning of decorating our Beit Midrash, singing, dancing and davening. Plus, we were joined by various faculty members!! You can really feel the holiday spirit and festive mindset that is found not jut in Sharfman’s, but all throughout our Ramat Eshkol neighborhood!

Next up was our in-school Purim Seudah and the famous Bnot Torah/Sharfman’s Purim Chagigah that was amazing 🙂

Enjoy the pics and remember to still have a very HAPPY ADAR 🙂


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2 Day Eilat Tiyul: Sun & Fun…Sharfman’s Style!

March 9, 2017 

Eilat TripYou could feel the excitement in the air as we all got ready for our trip down to Eilat!!!

We left at at 5:00 am and started our activities with sandslides in Timna Park right outside of  Eilat. After that we were ready to jump in the water which is exactly what we did, we headed to the separate beach to enjoy sun and sand. We ended our day with some shopping at the ice-mall and then headed back to the hotel for dinner.

The next morning started with a delicious breakfast from the hotel and then we were off to the Oceanarium.  It was so interesting, we didn’t just see fish, we saw life in the coral reef, we saw turtles of all kinds, and we were lucky enough to get there in time to watch them feed the sharks. It was fascinating!

Our highlight of the trip though had to be our cruise out on the Red Sea. We got on a beautiful 3 level yacht and after a few minutes of sailing we anchored down to the middle of the sea. A giant inflatable

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Tu B’Shevat: A Time of Learning & Celebration!

February 8, 2017 

Tu B'shvat VegetablesMention the name “Tu B’Shevat” to anyone and the first thing that comes to their head may be playful and joyous tunes from ones childhood. Likewise, many of us have memories of tree planting ceremonies and the consumption of delicious dried fruit!

However, in Israel, this day isn’t just simply glossed over. The streets of Yerushalayim, and all over the country for that matter, are filled with people wishing one another a “Shabbat Shalom” and “Happy Tu B’Shevat!”


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Meet the Teves S.T.A.H.R. Award Winners!

February 6, 2017 

IMG_1268-002While we are formally no longer in the month of Teves anymore, and are well into the month of Shevat, everyone is still very much abuzz and happy for all of the Teves S.T.A.H.R. Award winners!

There were girls hailing from Los Angeles to Baltimore, to New York and Nevada, and even some girls who are repeat S.T.A.H.R. Award Winners.

The entire school was gathered for a mid-morning celebration complete with Rabbi Sharfman’s famous presentation ceremony. Rabbi Sharfman presented certificates to every S.T.A.H.R. Award winner.

Schoolwide Living Emunah Campaign

February 2, 2017 

Living EmunahBnot Torah/Sharfman’s is famous for being more than just a seminary and very much looks to help each and every one of our students not just learn in seminary but experience real growth and connect with Hashem. To that end, many students turned to our Mechanchot — Mrs. Fuld and Mrs. Gibraltar — wanting to learn how to connect and strengthen their Emunah for life! After all, learning in seminary is easy. However, not just having Emunah but living with Emunah..that. takes. work!

And so, we have begun a schoolwide campaign to learn about Emunah and we are all reading the famous book entitled: Living Emunah.

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Schoolwide Sushi Sushi Sushi Extravaganza!!

January 24, 2017 

SushiA couple weeks ago, on Wednesday night after classes, we enjoyed our S.T.A.H.R. sushi night. As soon as all of us S.T.A.H.R. (Sharfman’s  Torah Academic Honor Roll) award winners walked in to the upstairs classroom, we felt that we were in a decked out restaurant. It was beautifully decorated and the sushi sign even said “Congratulations S.T.A.H.R. Award Winners in Japanese!!

This Sushi Extravaganza event was going to be a real nice treat and recognition of our scholastic and social accomplishments that all of us from the various tracks all achieved!!

Plus, we were accompanied by Rabbi and Rebbetzin Green! It was really great being able to shmooze with them over a special treat.

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Bringing Chanukah Into Our Beis Midrash!

December 12, 2016 

chanuka-decorationsLast week, our Mechanechet, Mrs. Fuld, came into our classrooms and told us that she had an amazing activity set up for us downstairs in the Bnot Torah/Sharfman’s Beis Midrash!!

When we arrived downstairs, we were greeted to Rakazot and tons and tons of various art supplies to help us decorate our Beis Midrash. Over the course of the hour, we elevated our Beis Midrash from simply being a Beis Midrash into one in which any of us — and even visitors — could feel the special spirit and Kedusha of the upcoming eight days of Chanukah!!

It goes without saying, that many of our artistic talents came out and we are proud to personalize the Beis Midrash and give it added meaning and character as we study on our own, with our Chavrusa, Rakezet or Beis Midrash Tutor. Some of us perfectionists even came back and worked on it and stayed super-late to hang out, wait for things to dry off and to finish our cute designs and creations!

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A Chessed Trip to Seeach Sod: An Organization That Helps Children with Special Needs

October 30, 2016 

img_0576Recently, we boarded our charter bus and were accompanied by Mrs. Nissel, our Aim Bayit and Chessed Coordinator and our Advisors, to go on a special trip to Seeach Sod, an organization that provides an educational framework for religious children with special needs. They have various programs that are geared to enhance the quality of life for these children, and at the same time help them integrate themselves into mainstream society.

We were all blown away by the beautiful facility and by the unique care and attention that is given towards religious children with special needs.

We were taken around by Rebbetzin Bergstein, who shared her inspiring story with us. She struggled to find any sort of facility like this for her own daughter about 20 years ago, which helped the girls appreciate what is now available for these children.

All of us were then split up into groups and did an art project with the various classrooms they were assigned to. The children loved the energy and special RUACH that us Sharfman’s students brought with them…

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An Oriental Themed Supper!

September 28, 2016 

sushi-bayit-cham-tAs we strolled through the now-familiar streets of Ramat Eshkol, we were all filled with eager anticipation for our next Bayit Cham in the home of our Rakezet.

We were warmly welcomed into her apartment, and peered around into the dining room…..hey, is that Sesame noodles we see?? Far Eastern music we hear?? Nori?? Chopsticks?? Paper lanterns?? No way! All out Oriental Night!!

The table was decorated with all the ingredients any professional Oriental chef would need……(sushi rice, soy sauce, hot mayo, bamboo mats, an assortment of vegetables, etc.). Little Bamboo shoots stood proudly at the center of the table, welcoming us with true National flavor. We all laughingly styled our hair into Chinese hair buns while applying Chinese themed eye makeup.

And of course the feeling wouldn’t be complete without sushi on the menu. The filling options were endless- avocado, sweet potatoes, teriyaki mushrooms, you name it! Our Rakezet set about teaching us to make sushi, and to be honest, considering we were all amateurs at this, we were shocked to see how professional they ended up looking! It’s time to open up a new Kosher Sushi joint!

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Our Very First Visit to The Kotel!

September 16, 2016 

14280333_1584401078530170_1168660320_nThe first night of Orientation Week was filled with warmth and uplifting spirituality and ruchnius!

From the second we arrived we were greeting with warmth from people such as Rabbi Sharfman to our Aim Bayit’s. After settling into our rooms, we were off to visit The Kosel!

For some of us, it was the very first time being at the site of The Western Wall, while for many of us, even though we’ve been there before, it remains a special place to Daven and just put everything in our life into a perspective.

It was at The Kosel that it really hit me: I am in Eretz Yisrael for the year!

Plus, it gave us all a chance to have fun and meet all the Shana Aleph girls and speak to the Shana Beit girls who were really there to answer all of our questions about Sharfman’s, and share with us their knowledge they gained from their Shana Aleph. Best of all we were accompanied by our Madricha’s.

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