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Introducing S.T.A.H.R. Program!

November 5, 2016 

STAHRAt Sharfman’s, each and every year, we are constantly striving to create more cutting edge innovation to further inspire and empower our girls with new ways to maximize their potential as Jewish women! On the first day of Rosh Chodesh, Rabbi Sharfman introduced a program called the: Sharfman’s Torah Academic Honor Roll—or more simply put the S.T.A.H.R. Program! You see, at Sharfman’s, we believe that each and every girl is truly a blossoming shining S.T.A.H.R! To that end, every student who reaches the qualifications to become a S.T.A.H.R. girl for the month, not only joins the Monthly Sharfman’s Torah Academic Honor Roll—she will also receive awesome S.T.A.H.R. Rewards of The Month. Prizes in the past have ranged from All You Can Eat Sushi, a skiing trip to Mount Harmon, a trip to the legendary Blind Museum and many other great rewards 🙂

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