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Unforgettable Rosh Chodesh Cheshvan Surprise Trip

November 2, 2016 

rosh-chodesh-cheshvan-2We woke up to a surprise message from Rabbi Sharfman. We would be taking an air conditioned bus to the Old City of Yerushalayim and going to the Kotel to daven Rosh Chodesh davening!!!!

We davened overlooking the place where the Beis Hamikdash once stood with much sincerity.

Our tefillos ascended quickly to the One who can answer them. We were joined by our AMAZING Mechanechet, Mrs. Fuld and INCREDIBLE Madrichot. What a way to daven and bring in the month of Mar Cheshvan. Finally, we headed back to school and enjoyed our last morning class of the day. Chodesh Tov!!


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