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Master Chef: Sharfman’s Style

February 1, 2017 

Hoffman Master ChefRecently, we had a great Rakezet event at the local home of Mrs. Hoffman. Who ever thought baking could be so much fun??? 🙂 It wasn’t the typical baking, you see. It was a bake-off competition.

We divided ourselves into groups  and were competing against each other. The goal was…who could bake the tastiest and most creative baked good, all in a short time, and most importantly with no recipe!!

The evening began with shmoozing and bonding. Next, we then donned our chef hats, divided into teams, and were given the utensils and ingredients needed to create the recipe of our choice.

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Sharfman’s Spa Night with our Rakezet!!!

December 19, 2016 

spa-night-roseWhat better way to spend a cool, rainy December evening than at warm and cozy “spa night” in our Rakezet’s house? The theme at our Bayit Cham this past Wednesday night was de-stressing, relaxing, and pampering yourself.  Wow, this was a girl’s dream!  The lights were dimmed and the music soft and soothing. The table was beautifully decorated with candles, towels, and  flowers to create a spa-like atmosphere. We sank down into the couches and were served a vegetable soup. 

The evening stayed true to its theme, as we created and decorated adorable stress-balls which we took home with us for times of need.  For the more adventurous of us, we got to experience from an array of all-natural homemade facials, complete with cucumber eye masks which left our skin feeling smooth and rejuvenated.

We even had manicures and a variety of other relaxing treatments! The evening ended on a high, with all of us playing an incredible game where we divided into teams and designed wedding gowns using toilet paper! All in all, it was great to feel pampered and have a blast doing so! This was just what we needed!  Bayit Cham was really top notch- we are looking forward to the next one!

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All About the Sharfman’s Beis Midrash Experience!

November 25, 2016 

image-1I thought I’d share with you a little bit of the Bnot Torah/Sharfman’s Beis Midrash. Our Beis Midrash is full of vibrant life and really one of a kind!

Of course, one of the highlights of our Beit Midrash experience is that we have access to seemingly hundreds of Jewish books and Sefarim. In addition to teaching us in a classroom setting, a Rakezet or Beis Midrash Tutor is present to answer our textual to Hashkafic and Halachic questions that we pose to them.

There are so many voices in unity speaking the beautiful words of Torah. It’s the most amazing feeling, whether it’s preparing for a Chumash Prep and delving into…

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