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A Chessed Trip to Seeach Sod: An Organization That Helps Children with Special Needs

October 30, 2016 

img_0576Recently, we boarded our charter bus and were accompanied by Mrs. Nissel, our Aim Bayit and Chessed Coordinator and our Advisors, to go on a special trip to Seeach Sod, an organization that provides an educational framework for religious children with special needs. They have various programs that are geared to enhance the quality of life for these children, and at the same time help them integrate themselves into mainstream society.

We were all blown away by the beautiful facility and by the unique care and attention that is given towards religious children with special needs.

We were taken around by Rebbetzin Bergstein, who shared her inspiring story with us. She struggled to find any sort of facility like this for her own daughter about 20 years ago, which helped the girls appreciate what is now available for these children.

All of us were then split up into groups and did an art project with the various classrooms they were assigned to. The children loved the energy and special RUACH that us Sharfman’s students brought with them…

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