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We Are Winners at Kedma Choir Competion 2017

January 26, 2017 

Kedma_1After hours of patience, practice, and dedication, Bnot Torah/Sharfman’s has officially been crowned second place winners of Kedma Choir Competition 2017!

We are so proud of our incredibly talented and hardworking choir members. Your efforts and commitment really paid off B”H!

Every year, girls from many seminaries sing at Kedma and join together by raising money for charity and singing at competition called, “The Songs of Hope Choir Competition.”


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Sharfman’s Kedma Choir Breakout & Kumzitz

November 27, 2016 

2016-11-23-photo-00001016Its finally here! Kedma fever has officially hit Sharfmans!

Nothing could have prepared us for the most incredible Kedma Breakout we experienced Tuesday night! When we entered our Beit Midrash for the official Kedma meeting, we saw the room beautifully decorated in bright, funky colors.

But the best was yet to come!! Our Rakezet began to speak and introduce the meeting — and then she was suddenly interrupted by our beloved Shana Bet, who one by one erupted into spontaneous song! Next thing we knew, there was an all-out flash mob as the entire Shana Bet broke out in dance and song!

The energy was incredible as we all jumped on our chairs, singing and dancing in unison. The atmosphere of ruach and unity was electric! We then were treated to a delicious ice cream bar, followed by an inspiring kumzitz. What a breakout!

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