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AMAZING: Sharfman’s 2-Day Tiyul!!

November 20, 2016 

western-galil-tiyulAs the sun rose, all of us rushed out of bed and excitedly walked to the bus to begin our latest Tiyul. Rabbi Jacobs began his informative facts about all the places we would be visiting on our next two-day overnight trip. On this trip we got to visit Eliyahu’s Cave. One of the really nice things about this Tiyul was that our sporty-side was on full display. For instance, we got to go biking along the Mediterranean Coast and also enjoy ice skating in Ma’alot.

Many of us enjoyed visiting Akko (including the Underground Prisoners Museum). In the morning, we had a fulfilling breakfast and then we headed to the well-known grottos in Rosh HaNikra. The inside of the grottos were cool and the sea was a beautiful aquamarine color.

As the sun began to set, we headed towards the Caesaria Aqueducts. It was a breathtaking sight. Everyone walked on the beach, inhaling the fresh Mediterranean air. We had a girls- only Kumzits and sang until the sunlight vanished beneath the horizon!

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Airport Arrival: We Have Arrived!

September 15, 2016 

arrival-2016Wow! What a whirlwind day it has been. We said goodbye to our friends and family back home and boarded the group flight heading towards Israel. On the plane we all got to bond and meet. It was great to see that soo many people were like me and were motivated to spend this year growing. As we came out we were greeted by soo many people from Rabbi Sharfman and Mrs. Sharfman to Rabbi Green, Mrs. Fuld and the best Madrichot you could ask for!

I quickly felt at home—they even knew all of our names. Plus, after sitting on the plane and then feeling the warm Tel Aviv heat, the only thing I could want was a drink of water. The next thing I knew, there was Rabbi Sharfman and Rabbi Green handing out water bottles with a cute Sharfman’s label on it that welcomed us to the school.

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