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Gourmet Hot Chocolate Buffet Bayit Cham!

March 7, 2017 

Hot Cocoa Bar and Hot Pretzel night-RoseThis was one to remember! Our Bayit Cham was better than ever! As we arrived from the cold and rainy outdoors to the cozy home of our Rakezet, we were greeted with a dazzling display of every flavor of hot cocoa imaginable. From fancy milk chocolate spoons, to peanut butter, cinnamon, mocha- you name it, we had it! And to top it off (if you’ll excuse the pun), we were able to choose from the most delicious toppings known to mankind- whipped cream, chocolate curls, marshmallows, an assortment of candies- to name but a few!

We snuggled on the couches sipping our heavenly hot chocolate combos, while happily munching on different flavors of popcorn.

Aaahhh, there’s nothing like a warm and cozy home away from home on a wintry night like this one… And one second, what was that you said?? The night’s not over yet??

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Sharfman’s Spa Night with our Rakezet!!!

December 19, 2016 

spa-night-roseWhat better way to spend a cool, rainy December evening than at warm and cozy “spa night” in our Rakezet’s house? The theme at our Bayit Cham this past Wednesday night was de-stressing, relaxing, and pampering yourself.  Wow, this was a girl’s dream!  The lights were dimmed and the music soft and soothing. The table was beautifully decorated with candles, towels, and  flowers to create a spa-like atmosphere. We sank down into the couches and were served a vegetable soup. 

The evening stayed true to its theme, as we created and decorated adorable stress-balls which we took home with us for times of need.  For the more adventurous of us, we got to experience from an array of all-natural homemade facials, complete with cucumber eye masks which left our skin feeling smooth and rejuvenated.

We even had manicures and a variety of other relaxing treatments! The evening ended on a high, with all of us playing an incredible game where we divided into teams and designed wedding gowns using toilet paper! All in all, it was great to feel pampered and have a blast doing so! This was just what we needed!  Bayit Cham was really top notch- we are looking forward to the next one!

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Best Cinnabon Rakezet Event EVER!!

December 16, 2016 

cinnamon-bun-making-t-percalWe just got back from yet another sensational Bayit Cham! Before arriving at the home of our Rakezet we stopped in our tracks and enjoyed the most delicious smells wafting out of her apartment.

We quickly trooped inside and discovered the reasons behind those yummy smells-our Rakezet had prepared a delicious onion soup, piping hot and the perfect soothing relief from the chilly fall weather outdoors.

It was sooo good… But the best was yet to come! Our Rakezet informed us it was time for “Cinnabon” production! Yuuuuuuuum! We rolled up our sleeves, smoothed out the dough and formed the buns.

You better believe it…Sharfman’s girls are world class chefs! Before we knew it the entire house was filled with that tantalizing smell of fresh warm cinnamon buns!

We made the most scrumptious, amazing looking, melt-in-your-mouth fresh warm cinnamon buns, complete with a beautifully thick gooey glaze on top.They were incredible…and there was even an endless supply! And who would have known this was possible… they tasted even better than Cinnabon! What a treat!
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Bringing Chanukah Into Our Beis Midrash!

December 12, 2016 

chanuka-decorationsLast week, our Mechanechet, Mrs. Fuld, came into our classrooms and told us that she had an amazing activity set up for us downstairs in the Bnot Torah/Sharfman’s Beis Midrash!!

When we arrived downstairs, we were greeted to Rakazot and tons and tons of various art supplies to help us decorate our Beis Midrash. Over the course of the hour, we elevated our Beis Midrash from simply being a Beis Midrash into one in which any of us — and even visitors — could feel the special spirit and Kedusha of the upcoming eight days of Chanukah!!

It goes without saying, that many of our artistic talents came out and we are proud to personalize the Beis Midrash and give it added meaning and character as we study on our own, with our Chavrusa, Rakezet or Beis Midrash Tutor. Some of us perfectionists even came back and worked on it and stayed super-late to hang out, wait for things to dry off and to finish our cute designs and creations!

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An Oriental Themed Supper!

September 28, 2016 

sushi-bayit-cham-tAs we strolled through the now-familiar streets of Ramat Eshkol, we were all filled with eager anticipation for our next Bayit Cham in the home of our Rakezet.

We were warmly welcomed into her apartment, and peered around into the dining room…..hey, is that Sesame noodles we see?? Far Eastern music we hear?? Nori?? Chopsticks?? Paper lanterns?? No way! All out Oriental Night!!

The table was decorated with all the ingredients any professional Oriental chef would need……(sushi rice, soy sauce, hot mayo, bamboo mats, an assortment of vegetables, etc.). Little Bamboo shoots stood proudly at the center of the table, welcoming us with true National flavor. We all laughingly styled our hair into Chinese hair buns while applying Chinese themed eye makeup.

And of course the feeling wouldn’t be complete without sushi on the menu. The filling options were endless- avocado, sweet potatoes, teriyaki mushrooms, you name it! Our Rakezet set about teaching us to make sushi, and to be honest, considering we were all amateurs at this, we were shocked to see how professional they ended up looking! It’s time to open up a new Kosher Sushi joint!

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