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Exclusive Aish HaTorah Thursday Night Program!

November 7, 2016 

aishOnce again…Thursday Night is no longer simply, Thursday Night.

Aish HaTorah has partnered with us. We are the only seminary that has an exclusive program with Aish Jerusalem and  offers our students the Aish HaTorah Jewish Leadership Series.

Plus, all of our students receive a Certificate in Jewish Leadership!

The Aish HaTorah Jewish Leadership Series features an amazing array of popular and inspiring speakers who visit us throughout the course of our academic year to enlighten us with a unique and relevant approach to various topics in Judaism, and by extension, empower our students to be recognized as LEADERS and TEACHERS at the individual and communal level.

In fact, you, the student can even suggest a topic that you want enlightenment on, and your topic just might be the featured as well. The speakers include the likes of Rabbi Avraham Willig, Mrs. Naomi Rivkah Most and Rav Gav Friedman!

All of us are really excited with this new and innovative format, so check the Bnot Torah Blog for more pictures and updates throughout the year for more 🙂


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