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Meet the Teves S.T.A.H.R. Award Winners!

February 6, 2017 

IMG_1268-002While we are formally no longer in the month of Teves anymore, and are well into the month of Shevat, everyone is still very much abuzz and happy for all of the Teves S.T.A.H.R. Award winners!

There were girls hailing from Los Angeles to Baltimore, to New York and Nevada, and even some girls who are repeat S.T.A.H.R. Award Winners.

The entire school was gathered for a mid-morning celebration complete with Rabbi Sharfman’s famous presentation ceremony. Rabbi Sharfman presented certificates to every S.T.A.H.R. Award winner.

Schoolwide Sushi Sushi Sushi Extravaganza!!

January 24, 2017 

SushiA couple weeks ago, on Wednesday night after classes, we enjoyed our S.T.A.H.R. sushi night. As soon as all of us S.T.A.H.R. (Sharfman’s  Torah Academic Honor Roll) award winners walked in to the upstairs classroom, we felt that we were in a decked out restaurant. It was beautifully decorated and the sushi sign even said “Congratulations S.T.A.H.R. Award Winners in Japanese!!

This Sushi Extravaganza event was going to be a real nice treat and recognition of our scholastic and social accomplishments that all of us from the various tracks all achieved!!

Plus, we were accompanied by Rabbi and Rebbetzin Green! It was really great being able to shmooze with them over a special treat.

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All About the Sharfman’s Beis Midrash Experience!

November 25, 2016 

image-1I thought I’d share with you a little bit of the Bnot Torah/Sharfman’s Beis Midrash. Our Beis Midrash is full of vibrant life and really one of a kind!

Of course, one of the highlights of our Beit Midrash experience is that we have access to seemingly hundreds of Jewish books and Sefarim. In addition to teaching us in a classroom setting, a Rakezet or Beis Midrash Tutor is present to answer our textual to Hashkafic and Halachic questions that we pose to them.

There are so many voices in unity speaking the beautiful words of Torah. It’s the most amazing feeling, whether it’s preparing for a Chumash Prep and delving into…

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Exclusive Aish HaTorah Thursday Night Program!

November 7, 2016 

aishOnce again…Thursday Night is no longer simply, Thursday Night.

Aish HaTorah has partnered with us. We are the only seminary that has an exclusive program with Aish Jerusalem and  offers our students the Aish HaTorah Jewish Leadership Series.

Plus, all of our students receive a Certificate in Jewish Leadership!

The Aish HaTorah Jewish Leadership Series features an amazing array of popular and inspiring speakers who visit us throughout the course of our academic year to enlighten us with a unique and relevant approach to various topics in Judaism, and by extension, empower our students to be recognized as LEADERS and TEACHERS at the individual and communal level.

In fact, you, the student can even suggest a topic that you want enlightenment on, and your topic just might be the featured as well. The speakers include the likes of Rabbi Avraham Willig, Mrs. Naomi Rivkah Most and Rav Gav Friedman!

All of us are really excited with this new and innovative format, so check the Bnot Torah Blog for more pictures and updates throughout the year for more 🙂


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Introducing S.T.A.H.R. Program!

November 5, 2016 

STAHRAt Sharfman’s, each and every year, we are constantly striving to create more cutting edge innovation to further inspire and empower our girls with new ways to maximize their potential as Jewish women! On the first day of Rosh Chodesh, Rabbi Sharfman introduced a program called the: Sharfman’s Torah Academic Honor Roll—or more simply put the S.T.A.H.R. Program! You see, at Sharfman’s, we believe that each and every girl is truly a blossoming shining S.T.A.H.R! To that end, every student who reaches the qualifications to become a S.T.A.H.R. girl for the month, not only joins the Monthly Sharfman’s Torah Academic Honor Roll—she will also receive awesome S.T.A.H.R. Rewards of The Month. Prizes in the past have ranged from All You Can Eat Sushi, a skiing trip to Mount Harmon, a trip to the legendary Blind Museum and many other great rewards 🙂

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All About Our Kever Rachel Tefillah Tiyul!

October 6, 2016 

We just got back from an AMAZING  Tiyul and were accompanied by our Mechanechet, Mrs. Fuld who also teaches an unbelievable Tefillah course to us all! The reason why she joined us on this Tiyul is because it was a Tefillah Tiyul!

You see, at Bnot Torah/Sharfman’s we don’t simply learn in a classroom. Rather, we live our learning and explore our land through Tiyulim and various trips throughout the year. And so, Mrs. Fuld acted as our Tour Guide as she explained to us not just interesting nuggets about Tefillah, but also added meaning and purpose to our trip to Kever Rachel.

We boarded our chartered and air conditioned bus that took us directly to Kever Rachel. This location was meaningful to soo many of us, as we all had heard of Rachel Imeinu and some of us had even been there before.

However, to be able to daven there during the Aseres Yemei Teshuva, right before Yom Kippur, was an emotional experience for all of us. Sooo many of us were thanking Rabbi Sharfman for scheduling this Tiyul that allowed us to daven and say Tehillim right opposite this particular Kever during the days that lead up to Yom Kippur!

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