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Master Chef: Sharfman’s Style

February 1, 2017 

Hoffman Master ChefRecently, we had a great Rakezet event at the local home of Mrs. Hoffman. Who ever thought baking could be so much fun??? 🙂 It wasn’t the typical baking, you see. It was a bake-off competition.

We divided ourselves into groups  and were competing against each other. The goal was…who could bake the tastiest and most creative baked good, all in a short time, and most importantly with no recipe!!

The evening began with shmoozing and bonding. Next, we then donned our chef hats, divided into teams, and were given the utensils and ingredients needed to create the recipe of our choice.

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We Are Winners at Kedma Choir Competion 2017

January 26, 2017 

Kedma_1After hours of patience, practice, and dedication, Bnot Torah/Sharfman’s has officially been crowned second place winners of Kedma Choir Competition 2017!

We are so proud of our incredibly talented and hardworking choir members. Your efforts and commitment really paid off B”H!

Every year, girls from many seminaries sing at Kedma and join together by raising money for charity and singing at competition called, “The Songs of Hope Choir Competition.”


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Schoolwide Sushi Sushi Sushi Extravaganza!!

January 24, 2017 

SushiA couple weeks ago, on Wednesday night after classes, we enjoyed our S.T.A.H.R. sushi night. As soon as all of us S.T.A.H.R. (Sharfman’s  Torah Academic Honor Roll) award winners walked in to the upstairs classroom, we felt that we were in a decked out restaurant. It was beautifully decorated and the sushi sign even said “Congratulations S.T.A.H.R. Award Winners in Japanese!!

This Sushi Extravaganza event was going to be a real nice treat and recognition of our scholastic and social accomplishments that all of us from the various tracks all achieved!!

Plus, we were accompanied by Rabbi and Rebbetzin Green! It was really great being able to shmooze with them over a special treat.

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Massada, Dead Sea, Ein Gedi and More!

January 19, 2017 

MasadaEin Gedi picturesRecently, we went on a Tiyul that encompassed Massada, the beautiful Dead Sea as well as Ein Gedi! Our Bnot Torah Tour Bus left really early in the morning for us to experience our inspiring trip. Best of all, because we got up soo early, it enabled us to participate in our own early morning climb up to the top of Massada.

As such, we were able to experience Sunrise on the top of Massada, overlooking miles upon miles of the beautiful Land of Israel, as well as Daven Shacharit there! Everyone could not stop talking about how special of a day this was going to be 🙂

Following the trek up to Massada, we were greeted to our very own guided tour of the site. Upon the conclusion of learning about the history and the relevance of the area, we headed back down for swimming and some good sun at the Dead Sea as well as Ein Gedi.

Below are just some of the pictures from this unbelievable trip! I can’t believe that we managed to do soo much in just 1 day!

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The Sharfman’s Art Club: Expression Through Art

January 18, 2017 

Art groupFrom Project L.I.V.E. and exclusive Chessed opportunities to our Sharfman’s Art Club, we have tons of clubs and Chaburot that are offered to us throughout the year.

At Bnot Torah/Sharfman’s there are many girls who are capable of expressing themselves using their artistic creativity. To that end, we meet throughout each month and it really gives us the opportunity to channel our creativity through producing beautiful paintings.

The program also provides us a nice, fun and relaxed atmosphere, where both the Shana Alef and Shana Bet girls can all bond over the hobby they all share and enjoy so much.


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Best Guest Speakers EVERY Thursday Night

January 9, 2017 

thursday-night-speakerWe are privileged to be a seminary that has an exclusive partnership with Aish HaTorah (see here and here). These classes have really ignited Jewish pride and a love for all of Klal Yisrael within each and everyone of us and are an incredible way to end off our week.

Thanks to Aish HaTorah, every Thursday night, we get to hear from some of the most dynamic and inspiring speakers throughout the Jewish world. Best of all, we all get to graduate with a Certificate in Jewish Leadership that highlights how much we have grown over the course of our year at Bnot Torah/Sharfman’s.

Recently, this program featured two very different and uniquely amazing speakers. We had the honor to hear from Mrs. Shaindy Eisenberg.

Mrs. Eisenberg inspired us with her own personal words of wisdom and also shared incredible insights from her grandmother, the late Rebbetzin Esther Jungreis. Unfortunately, Rebbetzin Jungreis passed away just a couple of months ago. Thankfully, hundreds and thousands of Jewish women and families have been inspired to lead a life of Torah and Mitzvos thanks to her and we learned many valuable lessons.

Just this past Thursday, we got to hear from Tamir Goodman!! He once was called “The Jewish Michael Jordan” due to his incredible basketball skills.


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A #Sharfmoothie Morning: Every Day is Special!

January 8, 2017 


Just the other day, we were all sitting and learning when suddenly the door to our classroom opens and in walks in our Dean, Rabbi Label Sharfman and our Aim Bayit and Chessed Coordinator, Mrs. Debbi Nissel.

They weren’t just interrupting our awesome class to give us a short announcement or let us know about the next trip to go Medical Clowning and perform Chessed to sick people. Instead, their hands were full with freshly made smoothies made from the finest of fruit from Israel.

Delicious. Healthy. Nutritious. Topped off with some whipped cream!! We could not have asked for a yummier #Sharfmoothie 🙂

Thank you Rabbi Sharfman!! Thank you Mrs. Nissel!!

Thank you for not just being a school but a seminary that is soo real and surprises us seemingly every day with one amazing thing after the other from an inspiring guest speaker to an amazing trip and even a refreshing #Sharfmoothie! You can really feel the…


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Annual Sharfman’s Chanukah Chagigah 2016!!

January 3, 2017 

chanuka-chagigaOn the heels of having amazing Chanukah parties at the homes of our Rakezets who live minutes away from school, the Annual Bnot Torah/Sharfman’s Chanukah Chagigah lived up to the hype! From start to finish it left everyone in the audience, from students,  to faculty wanting more 🙂 But let’s start from the beginning…The event kicked off with a beautifully decorated and festive feel.

Indeed, when you walked into the Bnot Torah/Sharfman’s Chanukah Chagigah, you were greeted with the walls and windows adorned with Chanukah decorations and it really helped enhance the overall energy!

Once we were all seated, we enjoyed an amazing time of Tefillah, special breakfast, our famous Hallel and then additional games and activities with our Madrichot and Rakazot.

All in all, the Annual Bnot Torah/Sharfman’s Chanukah Chagigah was an event that truly fostered our love for Chanukah as well as exhibited the unique warmth and genuine family atmosphere inherent in each and every Sharfman’s student and faculty member. Happy Post-Chanukah!!!

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AMAZING Tiyul: Camels, Archery & More!!

January 1, 2017 

southern-tiyulAs soon as we pulled out of Ramat Eshkol we were all waiting with anticipation for our first stop cuz we were going CAMEL RIDING!!! We were so excited,  riding through the desert on a camel was an experience that helped us to feel what traveling was like for people who lived here thousands of years ago.

From there we headed to what is called “The Great Crater” where we had an exhilarating hike overlooking the giant crater, and then a fun trip to some colorful sand dunes where we were able to fill bottles with colored sand such as red, yellow, purple and green and create cool patterns.

The next day was even more packed as we headed back out to the desert where we learned how to shoot a bow and arrow,  practice our archery skills, and even get in some cool creative rock sculpting.

We arrived back in Yerushalayim exhausted but having loved every minute of this tiyul, see you at the next one 🙂

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Bnot Torah Blog Highlights of 2016!!

December 29, 2016 

Unique Approach

As 2016 soon comes to a close, we figured  now is the time to look back and enjoy some of the highlights from Bnot Torah Blog posts since the start of our 2016-2017 Academic Calendar.

From an exciting Orientation Week to many exciting Tiyulim, inspiring Beit Midrash sessions, Rosh Chodesh Tefillah Events and Rakezet Events, it has been a rewarding experience to share with students, parents and alumnae just a small slice of both the academic and warm social activities that make our seminary legendary!

In the meantime, we present our own retrospective, to allow you to look back, catch up, or simply review the “Bnot Torah Blog Highlights of 2016!!”


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