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2 Day Eilat Tiyul: Sun & Fun…Sharfman’s Style!

March 9, 2017

Eilat TripYou could feel the excitement in the air as we all got ready for our trip down to Eilat!!!

We left at at 5:00 am and started our activities with sandslides in Timna Park right outside of  Eilat. After that we were ready to jump in the water which is exactly what we did, we headed to the separate beach to enjoy sun and sand. We ended our day with some shopping at the ice-mall and then headed back to the hotel for dinner.

The next morning started with a delicious breakfast from the hotel and then we were off to the Oceanarium.  It was so interesting, we didn’t just see fish, we saw life in the coral reef, we saw turtles of all kinds, and we were lucky enough to get there in time to watch them feed the sharks. It was fascinating!

Our highlight of the trip though had to be our cruise out on the Red Sea. We got on a beautiful 3 level yacht and after a few minutes of sailing we anchored down to the middle of the sea. A giant inflatable slide was then blown up for us along with a trampoline in the water and several floating mats. We basically had a water park in the middle of the water and it was INCREDIBLE!!!

It got even better (if that’s possible) when the tubing and banana boats joined to take us out for a ride in the water. After a few hours out on the water we docked back at the Marina to enjoy a pizza lunch and then got ready to head back home to Yerushalayim.

The tiyul was beyond amazing and we’re so proud of all the girls who worked so hard to make STAHR!












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