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Gourmet Hot Chocolate Buffet Bayit Cham!

March 7, 2017

Hot Cocoa Bar and Hot Pretzel night-RoseThis was one to remember! Our Bayit Cham was better than ever! As we arrived from the cold and rainy outdoors to the cozy home of our Rakezet, we were greeted with a dazzling display of every flavor of hot cocoa imaginable. From fancy milk chocolate spoons, to peanut butter, cinnamon, mocha- you name it, we had it! And to top it off (if you’ll excuse the pun), we were able to choose from the most delicious toppings known to mankind- whipped cream, chocolate curls, marshmallows, an assortment of candies- to name but a few!

We snuggled on the couches sipping our heavenly hot chocolate combos, while happily munching on different flavors of popcorn.

Aaahhh, there’s nothing like a warm and cozy home away from home on a wintry night like this one… And one second, what was that you said?? The night’s not over yet??

Our Rakezet had a prepared a versatile dough and informed us it was time to bake fresh soft pretzels, garlic knots, challah, and cinnamon twists! Awesome! We rolled up our sleeves, divided the dough, and had the time of our lives! You better believe it…Sharfman’s girls are world class chefs! We finishes off with a fun blindfolded game, and then sat in a circle having great discussions and bonding for hours! Wow!!

This one truly raised the bar! Thank you, Sharfmans, for giving us a hilariously entertaining yet inspirational evening we won’t forget!!


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