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Special Thursday Speaker: Mrs. Raquel Kirszenbaum

February 23, 2017

Raquel KirschenbaumLast Thursday, we had the special opportunity to hear from one of the most popular speakers in Israel: Mrs. Raquel Kirszenbaum. In fact, while she also does teach our Shana Bet she is now speaking in South Africa. Born and raised in Panama, Mrs. Raquel Kirszenbaum oozes a passion for Mrs. Kirszenbaum isn’t just a speaker or a teacher. She is hilarious!! She is inspiring!! It was an amazing morning in which we got to hear a special talk called: “A Totally New Approach!”

With her signature sense of humor and a lot of happiness she shared her love and the beauty of the Torah. We all walked away with a fresh perspective on what it means to be in a Jewish woman in 2017 and beyond. But that’s not all…

During the break, we came upstairs and were greeted to platters and platters of freshly cut vegetables and the most amazing baked cakes and cookies by our Mechanechet and Rakazot. Plus, there was also Rabbi Sharfman there to serve us his amazing hot chocolate topped with whipped cream. All in all, it was a morning that we are still talking about and it truly spoke to our mind, body and soul!

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