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Meet the Teves S.T.A.H.R. Award Winners!

February 6, 2017

IMG_1268-002While we are formally no longer in the month of Teves anymore, and are well into the month of Shevat, everyone is still very much abuzz and happy for all of the Teves S.T.A.H.R. Award winners!

There were girls hailing from Los Angeles to Baltimore, to New York and Nevada, and even some girls who are repeat S.T.A.H.R. Award Winners.

The entire school was gathered for a mid-morning celebration complete with Rabbi Sharfman’s famous presentation ceremony. Rabbi Sharfman presented certificates to every S.T.A.H.R. Award winner.

Not only does each and every qualifying student receive a Certificate awarding their accomplishments, but they receive a phenomenal monthly prize. The first month, the S.T.A.H.R. Award Winners were treated to  Sushi and this month…well we aren’t even gonna tell you what it is…but it’s AWESOME!!!!!!!



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