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Schoolwide Living Emunah Campaign

February 2, 2017

Living EmunahBnot Torah/Sharfman’s is famous for being more than just a seminary and very much looks to help each and every one of our students not just learn in seminary but experience real growth and connect with Hashem. To that end, many students turned to our Mechanchot — Mrs. Fuld and Mrs. Gibraltar — wanting to learn how to connect and strengthen their Emunah for life! After all, learning in seminary is easy. However, not just having Emunah but living with Emunah..that. takes. work!

And so, we have begun a schoolwide campaign to learn about Emunah and we are all reading the famous book entitled: Living Emunah.

Thank you to our Dean, Rabbi Sharfman, for purchasing this book that had our name on it and also included a special inspiring message. Plus, we all received a bookmark that will not only help us keep our place but that has a inspiring Emunah-related quote on it as well.

The warmth and buzz around the school is awesome. Everyone feels so nice and are really uniting together. In the coming weeks, we will hang our own experiences on a special Emunah Tree that we got to decorate in school. This will allow us to not just read about living with Emunah but bring it out into the open and share it with others in our school. We look forward to reading this book as a school and learning practical tips that will enable us to Hashem in all the aspects of our life.




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Sooooo do we finally know what these two were up to..? #breakout #emunah #grow ????????????????????????

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