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Aish HaTorah Leadership Certificate Program

One of the highlights of our program is our exclusive Thursday evening Aish Leadership Training Program. This weekly program is led by enchanting and dynamic speakers who offer our students practical leadership skills, inspiration and tools for life.

Based on the Toras Chaim and Toras Emes approaches to learning developed by Rav Noach Weinberg, zt”l, our leadership program has been custom-tailored exclusively for Bnot Torah/Sharfman’s students.

Upon completion of the program, students are presented with an Aish HaTorah Leadership Training Certificate, that attests to their training and ability to serve as a contemporary Jewish leader!


Leadership Lessons from Great Jewish Leaders

A series of classes on the leadership lessons we can learn from the great Jews of the past. From ancient Jewish heroes to medieval Torah scholars to modern day Jews, there are all types of great Jews who can teach us how each individual can make a contribution to the Jewish future.

Personal Leadership

Before you can lead others you have to be able to lead yourself. This series of workshops guides students in how to exert leadership in their own life. Workshops include self-esteem and character development. These workshops help students identify their values and their own individual talents and show them how to bring out their own unique potential.

Torah + Leadership

A series of classes which analyze what the Torah has to say about leadership. These lessons put leadership in a Torah perspective. This series also examines which character traits a leader needs according to the Torah and how to develop those traits.

Life & Leadership Tools

A series of classes and workshops on developing many life-tools that help everyone lead effectively. Tools like Goal Setting, Relationship and Teamwork Building and Giving Advice are taught. These tools can be applied to any life setting, including parenting, business or in the community setting. Everyone is a leader in his sphere of influence and these tools help anyone be more effective wherever they may need to lead.

Kiruv 101

Being a leader means making an impact to change the problems you see. These classes train students to answer questions like “How do you know there is a God?”, “How do you know the Torah is true?” and all the other “tough” questions about Judaism.

Guest Speakers

From successful professionals both inside the Aish HaTorah framework and outside it, we hear from a variety of Jewish leaders who have made a difference in the world. They inspire our students so that they too can make a difference and share with them the secrets of how to bring their goals into action.

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