2 Day Eilat Trip

This past Wednesday, we headed out on a beautiful trip to Eilat and were taken by Rabbi Jacobs and our Mechanechet, Mrs. Fuld. Our trip started out with an amazing hike over looking the city of Eilat. Next, we went an amazing boat ride through the waters of Eilat. Thankfully, we had the perfect weather for a jump in! Finally, we ended our day with an amazing BBQ and if we wanted, a chance to take a walk out of the hotel and check out the boardwalk.

Our new day started out with a look at the Eilat Aquarium, we got to see the feeding of the sharks and gain a new appreciation for Hashem’s underwater creations. After that we checked out the beach, and then a really cool mountain of sand we were able to slide down. Finally, now after a fantastic trip we’re on our way back home. Thank you so much to everyone who made this trip possible, it was definitely a big highlight of our year!