Erev Shira V’Achva 5778

It was a real honor to appear at the Erev Shira V’Achva 5778. This choir competion was held at The Ramada Hotel immediately following Shabbos and allowed girls from many seminaries to highlight their ability to sign and dance and raise hundreds of shekalim for worthy causes. We are incredibly proud of our talented choir who will continue to perform in school and at various Chessed Club events throughout the year.

Words can not describe how proud Bnot Torah/Sharfman’s is of each and every girl who spend day after day and week after week perfecting their sound, harmony and dance!!

A special thank you to our amazing Rakezet, Mrs. Rachel Rose who helped us with everything — even with the costumes!! Thank you also to our Erev Shira Heads: Kellie Broyn (Brooklyn), Sarah Nebel (Indiana), and Michal Spiegelman (Baltimore).